Are you an investor looking to invest in start-ups or property?


Or maybe you have a project or an idea, but not enough capital to take it to market?


Or maybe you are unsure of which direction you should take your business to or how to preserve your wealth?


Do not worry! We can help you!


We are in the market to assist companies and entrepreneurs with great projects and ideas to help them get the funding or advice they need in order to make their ideas into a successful business. We connect them with the capital, as well as with the expertise needed for their business to enter market or to grow.


We also help investors finding unique investment opportunities, be it an exciting start-up or a property development.


In addition we offer consulting and business strategy services, as well as tax- and wealth planning.


Our main market is Scandinavia, the Baltic countries, Ukraine and Spain, where we have 20 years of experience, making us the ideal partner for any investor, company or entrepreneur operating in these markets.

About Us